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The Candidate

Induction program eligibility

  • Do you have a preliminary multiple and/or single subject credential, or Education Specialist credential or a Level 1 Education Specialist credential ?
  • Are you employed in a K-12 educational institution?
  • Do you need to clear your preliminary credential?   

If you answered YES to all three questions, you are eligible for Induction! 

program requirements

Requirements for Year 1 and Year 2

  1. Individualized Learning Plan 
  2. Meet with a mentor no less than sixty minutes each week
  3. Program Evaluations (4) : Fall & Spring Candidate Feedback, Fall & Spring Program Effectiveness Survey
  4. Meet with Induction Team for Intake (August) and mid-year benchmark (January)
  5. Attend the Colloquium 

Earn a recommendation for a clear credential at the end of Year 2!

Program description:

The Induction Experience

The Induction program implemented in 2019 introduced new concepts, activities, and tools.  It also shifted the mind-set from that of compliance to inquiry, searching for evidence of growth and competence on the CSTPs, the teaching standards.  Completion of a series of activities, and paper work was replaced by more fluid and organic in-depth study on a teacher’s practice. Timelines and checklists were replaced with the idea that investigating one area of focus takes time, reflection, and a cycle of inquiry.  While this may have allowed for freedom to explore and make each experience meaningful to the candidate since their focus was their own professional growth goal, it may see disorganized or chaotic. The elimination of the predictability of the previous system may lead to heightened anxiety of the unknown.  Often the sentiment expressed were, “What am I supposed to produce?” “I need an exemplar ILP to know what to do.” There is an assumption that Induction has a product that each candidate has to complete. Fifteen required documents of a formative assessment system were eliminated and in its place one comprehensive “Individual Learning Plan”.  This is the ONE required document that will describe The Story” of a candidate through Induction and the attainment of a recommendation for a clear credential after a 2-year period. 

The Story begins with candidates completing a self-assessment on the teaching standards and identifying their areas of strengths and growth.  They compare this to the Transition Plan they completed during their university pre-service experience.  Reflecting on these, and their present teaching context, they then identify professional growth goals.  These goals became the focus of their Induction experience.  With the guidance, support, and learning focused conversations, facilitated by a mentor, candidates engage in their individual investigations into their practice.  This is highly individualized in content, process, and presentation. The professional learning experiences chosen by the candidate enhances their skills development in instructional design, assessment and, content knowledge.  At the end of the year, the candidate’s story will be reviewed by other mentors. Candidates may enhance their story with narratives, supporting details, data or evidence for better understanding of their experience. They are the authors of their story.  While a tool was introduced to assist the development of the ILP, the candidate wrote their own unique story. This unique story is one of two of biggest changes in this Induction program. The ILP promotes the shift from “What do I have to do?” to “How can I make this process meaningful to my professional growth as an educator?” 

Admission Process Flowchart

Admission Process Flowchart

Teacher as Rockstar

Candidate Experience Timeline

Colloquium 2023


A montage of recorded reflections from the candidates of 2022-2023

Colloquium 2024


Video Montage of Reflections from the candidates of 2023-2024