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Building Relationships in Induction:

The Role of the Site Administrator

Research studies demonstrate that Site Administrators have a huge impact on the success of beginning teachers.  The Newark Teacher Induction Program helps inform Site Administrators on the importance of their role in supporting Induction Candidate success.  The Newark Teacher Induction program standards state that Site Administrators:

  • Receive information through “Orientation to Induction for Site Administrators” 
  • Conduct site orientations
  • Introduce new teachers to staff
  •  Allow for new teachers to spend time with their Mentors / Mentors
  • Respect confidentiality between the Mentor and new teacher (Induction Candidate)
  • Establish a school culture that supports new teacher success
  • Establish a school culture based on standards and success for all students
  • Participate in a Triad Support Meeting at least three times each year.

Triad Support Meeting:

On three separate occasions during each Induction year, the Candidate, Mentor,  Site Administrator and a program staff will meet. These events are designed to:

  • Provide the Candidate with support through the development and progress of his or her professional growth plan as documented in the Individual Learning Plan (Refer to Program Standard 3)
  • Establish a strong mentoring relationship amongst the Candidate, Site Administrator and Mentor

These meetings are scheduled individually at times convenient to the team.  Schools with more than one Candidate may schedule a group session. Each session is approximately sixty minutes or less in length.

Notes to remember:

  • This must be a non- Human Resource meeting & is not a hire or fire meeting.
  • Information gained from these meetings may not be considered for evaluation.

Candidates may include notes and reflections from these meetings in their ILP.