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what are roles of a mentor in

Newark Teacher Induction Program ?

A mentor in Newark TIP  demonstrates flexibility in the three mentoring stances: consultcollaborate and coach.  The mentor adapts the level of support and guidance to the needs of the candidate.  The mentor engages the candidate in reflective conversations to support the candidate in analyzing data & evidence about his/her teaching practice for the purpose of continued growth and development.  The mentor uses paraphrasingwait time, and questioning to develop the habits of reflection and analysis.  Through observation, the mentor provides non-evaluative and factual evidence of the candidate’s instructional practice.  The mentor role’s may be described as a mirror that reflects the candidate’s practice.

What are the responsibilities of a mentor in Newark Teacher Induction Program?

  • Provide guidance and/or support through the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) process an average of no less than sixty (60) minutes each week.  Mentor will record every interaction on a Mentor Log
  • Conduct classroom observations as needed to develop the ILP.
  • Attend Mentor workshops as scheduled. Each session will provide introduction and/or practice on mentoring skills.  It is also a forum for mentors to collaborate and/or consult with peer mentors.
  • Participate in program evaluations including a self-assessment, Mentor Descriptions of Practice, Program Effectiveness Survey and Mentor Log
  • Collaborate and communicate regularly with the program director to ensure successful support and implementation.


August - September 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. What documents will a candidate need to complete Individual Learning Plan and the supporting Levels of Teacher Development Across the CSTP (self-assessment tool).
  2. What tools will mentors have to support their work? Each mentor has a Google folder that contains the following resources and mentoring instruments they may choose to use
  3. What do I get for being a mentor?  Each mentor receives a stipend per candidate.  Mentors may also be eligible for up to four (4) graduate level units per year  which they may purchase through Courses4Teachers. Newark TIP will inform the mentor and Courses4Teachers of the eligible units each mentor earns.  
  4.  What is the schedule of the Mentor Workshops?  All Mentor Workshops will be held in the Newark DO or on Zoom on Wednesdays at 4:00-6:00PM. Dates TBD