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Teacher Induction

What is california teacher induction ?

The California Teacher Induction Program (CTIP) formerly known as Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Induction (BTSA Induction) is a program co-sponsored by the California Department of Education (CDE) and California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) designed to support the professional development of newly-credentialed teachers and fulfill the requirements for the California professional clear Multiple/ Single subject and/or Education Specialist credential.  Senate Bill 2042 identified it as the only pathway to a clear credential.  While the name changed in 2014, the intent and purpose remains the same:

Teacher Induction Program Goals:

  • Provide an effective transition in to the teaching career.
  • Improve the educational performance of students through improved training, information, and assistance of new teachers.
  • Enable candidates to be effective in teaching students who are culturally, linguistically and academically diverse.
  • Ensure the professional success and retention of new teachers.
  • Ensure that a mentor provides individualized & job-embedded support and professional learning guidance.
  • Ensure that an Individualized Learning Plan is developed by each candidate and is based on on-going self-assessment on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession / Continuum of Practice.
  • Ensure continuous program improvement through on-going process of inquiry.

Newark Teacher Induction is a commission-approved Induction program.  It is approved to support general and special education teachers who need to clear preliminary and/or Level I credentials.

A Program Director provides day-to-day coordination within the local school districts and is responsible for implementing and coordinating local support, and ensuring program accountability and quality.  An Advisory Council provides support and recommendations to the Program Director in matters of program implementation and evaluation.  The Advisory Council is comprised of mentors, administrators and board members from all the partner districts and/or schools.  The Program Director serves as the program manager and executive officer of the Advisory Council

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My participation in the Teacher Induction Program guided me to truly see that reflection in teaching is important in order to grow in the profession and to understand my students. 

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