Pupil Services will:

  • Act as hearing officer for the district in suspension matters when the student/family “appeal” the suspension
  • Compile Monthly Suspension Data for Notification to Teachers of dangerous student behavior (E.C. 49079)
  • Work to ensure consistency among sites for fair application of consequences and outcomes for student misbehavior
  • Serve as a resource to school site principals in the suspension and expulsion processes and interpretation of Education Code meaning, intent, and appropriate application
  • Act as Superintendent’s Designee to conduct Suspension-Extension conferences in cases where a site Principal has recommended expulsion for extreme student misbehavior
  • Ensure that statutory requirements and timelines are met in cases recommended for expulsion to protect student/family rights, as well as the rights of other students, staff, the District and the Newark Community
  • Compile documents in cases recommended for expulsion
  • Write Stipulation Expulsion Agreements
  • Ensure expelled students enroll in the Board-ordered educational program for the term of the expulsion
  • Ensure expelled students complete components of their Board-ordered Rehabilitation Plan prior to recommending a return to comprehensive school setting
  • Prepare expulsion packets for action by the School Board, and meet timelines and due process
  • Compile information for several periodic reports on suspension and expulsion