Dual Immersion Program

K-6th Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program

Schilling Elementary School


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Newark Unified School District will be offering a Spanish Dual Language Immersion program. The tentative timeline for the K-6th program is:

School Year Eligible Grades
2021-2022 K – 1st Grade
2022-2023 K – 2nd Grade
2023-2024 K – 3rd Grade
2024-2025 K – 4th Grade
2025-2026 K – 5th Grade
2026-2027 K – 6th Grade




The Newark Unified School District in partnership with the community will be a model of world-class education that develops the unique abilities of every student.


Program Goals

The goal is for our students to become proficient in two languages: Spanish and English. The program will give students an opportunity to become bi-literate and bi-cultural. Using Spanish and English as the vehicle of instruction, students will be able to communicate effectively in both languages and to achieve academic proficiency that meets or exceeds the State Standards in all academic areas.


Program Description

The Spanish Dual Immersion Program is open to non English-speaking and English-speaking students. Immersion education is an alternative educational model designed to provide student with fluency and literacy in two languages. Students in the Immersion program are taught using the same California State Standards as all other students in the district. 


K-6th Spanish Dual Immersion program will be offered at Schilling Elementary School, 36901 Spruce Street, Newark, CA 94560.


Why Dual Language Immersion?

For over 30 years, research in Canada and the United States has documented the impressive development of second language fluency and academic achievement of children in immersion programs. 



Research shows that developing two languages during the elementary school years, students will have opportunities to:

  • Have a positive effect on intellectual growth and cognitive development.
  • Improve understanding of his/her native language.
  • Develop positive cultural identity and understanding of other cultures.
  • Increase job opportunities in many careers where knowing another language is a real asset.
  • Develop a lifelong ability to approach problem-solving from multiple perspectives.
  • Lay the groundwork to receive the seal of bi-literacy on their diploma.


Who can enroll in this program?

All students are eligible to enroll in the Immersion program in K through first grade.  All Immersion enrollment is dependent upon space availability.

Registration for the program follows district procedures, including Open Enrollment and Inter-district Transfer. Transfer requests are available for students living outside the Schilling Attendance area. Space is limited and there is no guarantee that every child will be admitted. 




Dual Language Immersion Program Application

Still Accepting Applications. 

Please submit your request via email to [email protected] or by dropping them off by appointment only by contacting Nicole Lemas at 510-818-4202. 

Applications will NOT be accepted at the school site.

2021-2022 DLI Timeline



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