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Developer Fees / School Impact Fees

NUSD collects school impact fees (a.k.a., developer fees) on new residential and commercial construction within District boundaries (coterminous with the City of Newark boundaries).The NUSD Board of Education, at its meeting held on April 7, 2022, approved Resolution 2021.22.34 which states these fees effective June 6, 2022 to the present:
  • $4.79 per square foot for new residential habitable space.
  • $0.78 per square foot for new commercial and industrial.
  • $0.07 per square foot for mini storage.

NUSD is a “Level 1” school district. Fees are raised once every two years.  NUSD will be eligible to raise its fees is January of 2024.

Per Government Code § 65995: “The amount of the limits set forth in paragraphs (1) and (2) shall be increased in 2000, and every two years thereafter, according to the adjustment for inflation set forth in the statewide cost index for class B construction, as determined by the State Allocation Board at its January meeting, which increase shall be effective as of the date of that meeting.”

The procedure

Individuals submitting plans to the City of Newark shall be directed to the NUSD Business Office to meet with the Administrative Assistant to pay these fees.

The fees are based on the square footage listed in the “PLAN CHECK COMMENTS” letter issued by the City of Newark (Building Inspection Division). A copy of this City document must be submitted to NUSD at the time of fee payment.

Additions or reconstruction over 500 square feet to an existing single family dwelling must pay these fees. Fees must be paid on the total square footage of the addition (not just on the square footage over 500) per California Education Code § 17620 (a)(1)(C)(i).

NUSD will require a Certificate of Compliance (triplicate) form to be filled-out and signed at the time of fee payment.

Credit cards not accepted; checks or money orders only.

Please contact the Administrative Assistant to schedule an appointment for payment of fees. 

Jodi Croce
Administrative Assistant – NUSD Business Services
5715 Musick Avenue / Newark, CA  94560
(510) 818-4115


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