PDF of 7214 E (Exhibit) — These are the CBOC Bylaws approved October 15, 2020.
E also online here: http://www.gamutonline.net/district/newark/displayPolicy/1049442/7

PDF of 7214 AR (Administrative Regulation)
AR also online here: http://www.gamutonline.net/district/newark/displayPolicy/1049441/7

PDF of 7214 BP (Board Policy)
BP also online here: http://www.gamutonline.net/district/newark/displayPolicy/1049440/7


The CBOC Bylaws and related policies are within the NUSD Board policies (within the 7000 series for Facilities, within the 7214 section for General Obligation Bonds).

At the NUSD Board of Education meeting on March 1, 2016, the Board approved updates which had 7214 E, AR & BP replace 1221 E, AR & BP.