Board of Education

You are invited to attend Board of Education meetings and take an active role in the education provided by the school district. We appreciate your interest and participation. Your viewpoint is important in keeping our public schools responsive to the needs of the community. We also encourage you to visit any one of the Newark Unified School District schools.

Your Board and How It Functions

Five Newark citizens are elected to serve overlapping terms. They are elected at-large by the registered voters in Newark. The Board functions as the legislative body of the school district and establishes policies by which the school district is operated. Programs and policies are governed according to laws and regulations as set by the Constitution of the State of California, State Education Code and California Administrative Code, Title 5. Board members can be contacted via e-mail or mail addressed to them c/o NUSD, 5715 Musick Ave., Newark, CA 94560.

Board Meetings, Agendas and Minutes (BoardDocs)

Board Agendas and Minutes are now accessible via BoardDocs.

Here’s a quick link: BoardDocs 

District Policies

Newark Unified School District’s Board Policies are now hosted on Board Docs.

Click on this link to be directed to –> BoardDocs.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: The Board Policies and Administrative Regulations of the Newark Unified School District are available via Board Docs.
To locate a policy or procedure concerning a specific item, click on the POLICY tab, type the name of the item in the search box. A list of all items containing the name will be displayed. Click on the item to see the complete context.

Supporting Documents

Regular Board agendas are posted for inspection at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting at the District Office, 5715 Musick Ave, Newark. The public may also inspect non-confidential documents distributed to the Board less than 72 hours before the meeting at this same location or on the District Website at and select Board Agendas/Minutes

Supplemental Documents

Supplemental documents made available during public meetings can be found on the BoardDocs Pro site under Library/General/Supplemental Documents.

Governance Handbook

The handbook reflects the governance team’s work on the creation of an effective framework for successful leadership and governance. This involves an ongoing commitment to discussions focused on the development of a Unity of Purpose, Governance Team Goals, and a commitment to norms and protocols relating to the formal structures that enable the Board of Education and Superintendent in the performance of their responsibilities in a way that benefits all children.

Governance Handbook Link

Elisa Martinez

Board Member, Term Ends Dec. 2022

Ms. Elisa Martinez has been a resident of Newark for close to 25 years. She has two children attending Newark schools. She is a strong supporter of public education and believes, wholeheartedly, that the best results come from close collaboration among school administration, teaching staff, and the community. Ms. Martinez graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Psychology. Professionally she serves as a Process Improvement Expert across many industries.

Bowen Zhang

President, Term Ends Dec. 2024

Mr. Bowen Zhang moved to Newark in 2012. Professionally, Mr. Zhang is a software engineer in Silicon Valley and has worked at several successful startups. Currently, Mr. Zhang works at Snowflake Inc., a cloud data platform company. On the School Board, Mr. Zhang is passionate about making sure our students acquire the right skills to thrive in the knowledge-based economy in the 21st century. Mr. Zhang immigrated to America with his family at the age of 17. He has a Master's degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor's degree in both Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

Phuong Nguyen

Clerk, Term Ends Dec. 2024

Ms. Phuong Nguyen was appointed to the Board of Education in September 2019 and elected in 2020.  Her family has been residing in Newark for the past 30 years.  Ms. Nguyen, and her siblings, are products of Newark schools and is proud to have her two children enrolled in the district.  Ms. Nguyen strongly believes that public education builds strong, resilient, compassionate, talented professionals, innovators, and the leaders of tomorrow.  Ms. Nguyen understands that it takes team-effort, collaborative work from district staff at all levels, and a strong partnership with parents, students, extended families, and the community at large to help develop and prepare students for their future endeavors in higher education or career trade.  Ms. Nguyen has a degree in Sociology and a minor in Psychology from the University of Arizona.  Ms. Nguyen has 22 years of work experience in local government, strategic planning, and IT systems implementation.

Aiden Hill

Board Member, Term Ends Dec. 2024

Mr. Aiden Hill is a California native and a homeowner in Newark since 2001. For the bulk of his career, he has served as a management consultant helping top executives lead mission-critical efforts across a variety of industries. In recent years, Mr. Hill decided he wanted to give back to the next generation of Californians and has transitioned into a new role as a business teacher at Cupertino High School. Mr. Hill earned his undergraduate degree in History from Pomona College, a Master's in Business Administration from Michigan State University, and a Preliminary Teaching Credential from San Jose State University. He is looking forward to working with board members, staff, teachers, and the community at large to make NUSD one of the highest performing districts in the nation.

Terrence Grindall

Board Member, Term Ends Dec. 2022

Mr. Terrence Grindall is a long-time Newark resident with a strong interest in seeing Newark schools be world-class institutions. A product of public education, Terrence attended San Francisco and San Jose State Universities, studying Sociology and Urban Planning. He has 30 years of experience in community development and is deeply committed to improving the Newark community.  He believes that schools should provide a challenging and welcoming learning environment to all students, no matter their background or resources. He is committed to a culture of transparency, robust community input, and the highest ethical standards.