Fund Education Now Week


NUSD Families,

Our NUSD family (Board of Education, NTA-teachers, NEWMA – management, and CSEA – staff) has come together to form a Coalition for Public Education. We and other district coalitions across California will participate in “Fund Education Now Week” from February 3 – February 9 in advocacy efforts to:
educate the public about funding issues in California
reach out to your state legislators to advocate for increased funding for California schools
learn more about current ballot measure initiatives dedicated to bringing more funding directly to California schools
How can NUSD families help?

1) Flex our social media “Influencer” muscle!
Tweet and retweet informative messages on Twitter (check out all school and district tweets next week)
Post or share on Facebook
Instagram it
2) Visit the Newark Farmers Market at the mall on 2/9 and stop by the coalition booth.
3) Please join us for Coffee with the Superintendent on 2/7 at 9 am in the NUSD board room. Translation is available.
4) Check out our Alameda County Office of Education Press Release to learn more!