2018-19 LCAP Development

The 2018-19 LCAP was developed over the course of the 2017-18 school year. Here is the calendar and resources as it was posted during the development process:

All events are open to the public and will be held at 5715 Musick Avenue in Newark unless noted otherwise.

Community Stakeholder Events

  • January 11, 2018, 8:30 am – 12:00 pm
  • January 18, 2018, 6:00 – 8:00 pm


LCAP Advisory Committee Meetings

6:00 – 8:00 pm, click here for flyer

See the Plan, Follow the Conversation

Responses to 2018-19 LCAP Development Meeting Questions

How does the district decide who gets additional support staff in their school? Should sites pay for their own intervention teachers?

NUSD makes decisions based on student academic needs. This includes English Language Learners (ELs), socio-economically disadvantage (SED) students, and foster youth. While we would like to support all sites by providing additional resources, the district is mandated to support schools that have higher percentages of ELs, SEDs and foster youth as these students are identified within our unduplicated count and generate Supplemental and Concentration funds. Our LCAP determines which sites will benefit from receiving additional Supplemental and Concentration dollars to be able to provide targeted opportunities for designated students.

School Site Councils (SSC) have the power to make decisions about how to spent funds assigned to each of their schools. In collaboration with parents/guardians, teachers, staff, and administration, schools identify their greatest needs and allocate site funds to support their school plans.


Why are EBAC interns so expensive? Can we expand this support to all schools?

East Bay Agency for Children, or EBAC, is a local mental health organization that support students. In order to expand services to schools that do not currently have a clinician on site, stakeholders recommended hiring interns that need to collect hours of service. The money invested pays for the supervision needed to earn a clinician license. Our plan includes placing an intern clinician at the two schools that currently do not have anyone supporting them.  All other sites currently have support.


Can we have a start up date for when intervention programs must begin in the year?

We will work diligently with our school leaders to make sure the site intervention efforts are on target to begin no later than the end of October 2018.  This will allow time for assessment and planning at the school sites.


What is the Dyslexia program used by our District?

During the winter of 2017 NUSD purchased two separate curriculums to address the new Dyslexia requirement from the State of California

  • Phonic Kits from Fountas & Pinnell for grades K-1
  • Sonday Reading Intervention for Students with an IEP


What is our current FIT plan? Why is it so costly?

Per the MOT Director, FIT is the annual checklist instrument for maintenance. The dollars are used to resolve issues identified in this annual report.

Previous response: FIT is a tool used to evaluate the conditions of our sites. It looks at facilities and maintenance that includes custodial needs and repairs. A new Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation was hired last month and we can update information next week.


Will a full-time interpreter be utilized frequently enough? How do we use their time fully to benefit the district? Can this employee double as a classroom aide? Expand the role to include supporting students as an instructional aid.

Due to the increase of Spanish speaking families in our district, and to be in compliance with the California Department of Education’s 15% rule, a full-time interpreter is needed and will be used. A schedule will be created so that this person can provide support at each site and the district on a rotating basis. An interpreter is not an employee that is authorized to provide instructional support to students.


How is goal 3.1.8 being spent? I would like to see who this is spent on.

Funding for that section was re-allocated throughout the LCAP but primarily is now supporting class size reduction and five counselors for secondary schools.


Why are we allocating money in actions that are working with $0? No need to increase amount if things are working already.

Some actions that have $0 will remain as they are per stakeholder input, while some did receive additional funding to ensure the action is completed.


Can we change Action 4.2.3 to include all parents and not just “Promotoras”?

Action 4.2.3 speaks to support for this parent group ( parents who primarily represent our unduplicated student count) but in section 4.1.8 of the plan we do have additional support for all parents within the LCAP.


Were parents appointed to the LCAP advisory committee who were not asked to be on this committee? If so can the District explain why they have done that?

Principals selected parents to participate and submitted names to the district. The Board took action and approved the list.


Did the district obtain legal advice in order to prevent the public from obtaining a copy of a document that was disseminated in the LCAP meeting, which is an open meeting?

The district presented a the working draft LCAP to the committee. The working draft was posted on the webpage.


How many staff members agreed to attend the SVMI Saturday Training Sessions? How many have attended? How many sessions have there been?

There was an average of 17 teachers consistently attending SVMI trainings on Saturdays. The trainings were a total of 4 Saturdays from September to January.

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