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What is the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)?

The LCAP is an important component of the LCFF. Under the LCFF all LEAs are required to prepare an LCAP, which describes how they intend to meet annual goals for all pupils, with specific activities to address state and local priorities identified pursuant to EC Section 52060(d).


When will LCAPs be required?

The governing board of each LEA shall adopt an LCAP on or before July 1, 2014. The law requires the SBE to adopt the LCAP template for LEA use before March 31, 2014.


Does the LCAP replace Local Educational Agency Plans (LEAPs) required under the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)?

The LCAP does not replace the federal requirements related to LEA Plans in Section 1112 of the ESEA. However, the LCAP template will be developed by the SBE in a manner that meets both the LCAP requirements and the federal requirements, and the SBE will take steps to minimize duplication of effort at the local level to the greatest extent possible (EC Section 52064).

What are the planning requirements for LEAs identified for program improvement pursuant to ESEA?

LEAs identified for program improvement must continue to meet current LEA Plan requirements pursuant to ESEA Section 1116(c)(7).


How does the LCAP affect site plans (i.e., Single Plan for Student Achievement)?

According to EC Section 52062, specific actions included in the LCAP, or the annual update of the LCAP, must be consistent with the strategies included in the school plans submitted pursuant to EC Section 64001.


Must all state priorities be addressed in each year or over the three year period? (Posted 12-Mar-2014)

EC sections 52060 and 52066 specify that the LCAP must include a description of the annual goals to be achieved for each student group for each state priority. Goals must address each of the state priorities and any additional local priorities; however, one goal may address multiple priorities. An LEA may identify which school sites and subgroups have the same goals, and group and describe those goals together. If a single goal requires longer than one year to implement fully, the LCAP should reflect the annual incremental actions, services, and expenditures, as well as the annual anticipated progress, that the district expects to achieve for each student group. These annual benchmarks will assist LEAs and the community to monitor the progress of the plan.




Full Day Kindergarten   At the Board of Education Meeting held on May 20, 2014, the Board voted to implement full day Kindergarten for the 2014-2015 school year.
Support full day Kinder and Jr. K in order to incorporate new programs to serve students not currently being supported With full day kindergarten will the teachers have aides or extra support? The same number of aides would be in the full day kindergarten as the half day.
Having college tours from elementary to high school   College tours are already a part of the landscape of Newark Memorial High school. We should look to the junior high as the next area to further the college experience.
After school programs for ALL CHILDREN with some concentration on homework and skill building for ALL CHILDREN  

Most of the elementary schools have after school programs...Super Stars Literacy. The high school has tutoring support for students.  

Special Education – Consistency of staff   The district’s goal and responsibility is to implement hiring and recruitment practices to employ the most highly qualified teachers to serve the students in Newark.  The recruitment of special education teachers is highly competitive as a result of the reduced numbers of special education teachers graduating from colleges and universities

More behavioral and Mental Health services

Psychology services are greatly needed
  Agreed.  We have substantially enhanced our services working with EBIC.  Psych. interns and several programs have been addend in NUSD.
  Can we put money towards reducing the number of combination classes? Staffing school sites is dependent upon several factors.  The district receives funding from the state based upon student enrollment staffs classrooms based upon student/teacher ratios.  The district and the teachers association have agreed to continue to reduce class sizes at the elementary level to 24 students in grades K-3.  Funding received from the state and the small size of our elementary schools may create a need for combination classes.  
We would like to have a teacher on staff every year for reading and writing intervention.  Not someone funded one year   Unfortunately, due to the funding cycle from the state, these positions need to be considered for staffing yearly.  The positions are based upon funding received from the state.

4th through 6th grade class size reduction

Class sizes need to lower and we need more teachers so we don’t have to have blended classrooms
Can we put money towards reducing the number of combination classes? The number of combination classes is a direct result of smaller elementary schools.  More money would not affect that situation.
Teachers and aides need to receive specialized training to help students with special education needs.  We really need more staff to be trained in special educational needs, so students who are falling behind can be treated at early stages of possible academic problems and provide proper intervention at the right time rather than retaining kids.   The District continues to provide on-going professional development for all special education staff.   The March 9th professional development day included specific trainings for special education and general education teachers.  (sites conduct  SST meetings to identify students, initiate referrals, and provide guidance to appropriate resources.)  The district’s behaviorists also assist both the special education teacher and general teacher with training and support for identified students.
Students need music and art classes   The District values student access to the arts.  Due to limited funding, it is necessary to prioritize resources and provide access for all students to core academic instruction.  Increased growth and funding will afford the District the opportunity to re-evaluate the District’s priorities and goals.
  Will we have money for new CCSS aligned Board Math? The money would come out of the LCFF for common core.
  What about Bilingual Aide, Reading Intervention teachers that are a large part of our SPSA? Each school has an allocation from LCFF. This funding in conjunction with Educational Services will determine the intervention sections allocated to sites.
Parent training on supporting students at home   The District is interested in developing a parent support curriculum addressing the challenges parents face with the children.  Many sites have offered several parent education nights during the 2014-2015 school year.

More aides are needed to work with struggling students

Need more teachers in the classroom to help the Spanish Speaking students
  All staffing is based upon funding received from the state.  The District must review all needs, the LCAP goals and funding received from the state in order to determine where the resources can be applied.
We need staff to be more personable and available to Latino parents.  Provide help in arranging and or providing a translator.  Need more aids to help in regular education classrooms.   The district believes in providing the highest level of support and customer service to parents and is currently working with staff to provide the highest level of support to our parents, students and community members.





Support full day kinder with extra-curricular activities, not just academics   The Board of Trustees approved the implementation of a full day kindergarten for the 2014-2015 school year.


Concern for teachers’ ability to meet so many new objectives.   The District continues to provide professional development opportunities for teachers





Parents need more information about colleges and universities so they can help their high school student.

Students need more counselors at the jr high and high school to help parents understand the process

Newark Memorial's College and Career Center is located next to the library.  The office is staffed between the hours of 6:30am - 3:30pm.


Students are welcomed before school, brunch, lunch and after school, to research colleges, careers, scholarships, internships and volunteer opportunities.  The Career Center computers have access to the internet as well as Naviance (College and Career Development software).


Representatives from colleges across the country visit our Career Center for brunch and lunchtime workshops and students are given the opportunity to hear visiting guest speakers discuss their specific careers at presentations throughout the year.


The NMHS College and Career Exploration Program (CCEP) is a concentrated, comprehensive series of events developed to enable and encourage all grade level students to work toward their post secondary educational plans and to create an in depth college and career pathway and profile.


In our efforts to reduce stress throughout the college search and application process, we try to ensure that students and parents alike have the information that they need when they need it.  We do so through the following methods:

  • Evening workshops for parents (UC and CSU application, Common App. Financial Aid)

  • CCEP implementation including Career assessments to each student annually utilizing the Naviance Family Connection system.

  • Work with counselors in classroom presentations covering topics including testing, applications, financial aid and finding the right colleges.

Bilingual teachers and office staff at high school level


Parents requesting bilingual office staff at all schools to help parents, provide support and explanations, and especially listen.


Requesting bilingual tutors and aides for classrooms to explain and support instructions


The District is always seeking highly qualified applicants for positions at all levels and sites who mirror our student population and who can provide assistance and support to students, staff and our parent community.

Vacant positions are posted

All parents should have knowledge about school budget.


There are several staff reports presented throughout the year on the total District budget and various accounts associated with the budget.  These presentations, budget reports and additional information can be located on the District website at newarkunified.org under the Departments tab, Business Services.  Each individual school site budget is a part of the School Plan and can also be located on the District website under the Educational Services tab, Accountability, School Site Plans.